Affiliate Program Review

LiveGood goes beyond its amazing Membership Buyers Club by offering a profitable Affiliate Program for individuals interested in boosting their income. As an Affiliate Member, you can potentially earn up to $2,047.50* monthly, without the need for selling, recruiting, or auto-ship thanks to an industry-changing system. Is your membership program equally rewarding?

The Health and Wellness industry plays a critical role in promoting well-being around the world. However, the soaring prices of numerous products have made it challenging for many individuals to access the supplements they require.

Similar to companies like Costco and Amazon, LiveGood is a new membership-based program that offers significant savings to our members. 

In addition to the substantial savings you receive when purchasing any of their life-changing products, they also offer you the opportunity to earn income through their industry-leading affiliate compensation plan! 

Earn Affiliate Income

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to make money from the comfort of your own home? 

LiveGood Affiliates can earn extra income easier and faster than any other company in the industry. Earn Income 6 Ways.

Save on Wellness Supplements

Do you want to save on high quality organic health and wellness supplements?

LiveGood members receive up to 90% off retail pricing. Products are backed by a 90 day empty bottle guarantee.

Weekly Fast Start Commissions (1 of 6)

Affiliate Compensation Plan

LiveGood's affiliates operate on a unilevel compensation plan, earning commissions based on their performance. As an affiliate's performance increases, so does their payout level within the unilevel plan.

The commission structure includes payments for retail product sales, referrals of new members, and referrals of other affiliates. Individuals can become affiliates for a one-time fee of $40, and membership for access to the best product prices costs $9.95 per month or $99.95 per year.

New LiveGood customers have three options: they can shop as a non-member and still receive amazing prices, become a member to access wholesale costs and even better prices, or become an affiliate themselves. These choices are all optional, though most people tend to become members and affiliates after experiencing the awesomeness of LiveGood.

See more details about the compensation plan here.


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"I have been in Network Marketing for years with companies that had great products and services, but I did not have much success on the compensation side of those companies. With LiveGood, all of that has changed! Not only does LiveGood have great products, but I'm actually earning a great income! I am very happy and very pleased with the way LiveGood has opened up the door for anyone to become successful." -Nickie. *

"My wife and I joined Live Good 3 weeks ago and our experience with the Live Good has been excellent. The company is true to its mission to get and keep people healthy and affordable is true. We love the prices and have for over 10 years sourced our own raw ingredients that we used. Which is why we are so in tuned to the Live Good products that are sourced and formulated to include many of the same ingredients that we found helpful in our wellness journey. At a fraction of the cost of what we were spending. We are saving nearly $300 a month. A+." -Wendell M. *

"LiveGood is like any other Business. Nothing is free in this world, you have to work to earn. If you in your fantasy world where you receive free handouts for doing nothing than don't Join. I love LiveGood because of its Top of Range Affiliate Program Compensation Plan plus the low cost of Health Products.." -Livegood P. *

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To learn more about the affiliate opportunity click this link above and watch the 5-minte video. Discover the potential to start generating part-time or full-time incomes from the comfort of your home. Excellent low cost low risk business opportunity for those looking to work remotely or wish to start building passive income.